How to Stay Organized While Working at Home

Working at home definitely has its advantages. You have no one to order you around, you can spend the entire day in your pajamas, you can eat when you like, and you can arrange things how you like them. I bet all sounds great to you, but I can tell you from experience that working from home is not all that is pegged to be. You can get distracted easily, everyone in your family and even your friends tend to think that you are basically free to help them with various chores, and there are many other discomforts that need to be addressed. So, in this post, I will talk about the things you can do in order to keep organized.

First of all, set a clear schedule and hold on to it. Yes, I know that working at home means that you can set your own hours, but this does not mean that these hours should be hectic and different from one day to another. You will quickly feel tired and irritated and you will also find yourself falling behind schedule, and you may even end up not getting any work done. So, my first piece of advice is to set your work hours in such a manner that they are the same day after day. Also, do not focus only on work hours, but on how you organize the rest of the day, too. You will get much more work done and you will be happier and more rested, at the same time.

The next piece of advice is to let the others know about your schedule, too, and to ask them to respect. As long as you do not bother them by calling them at work and telling them to hang out with you, you deserve the same respect. Your work hours, even if spent at home, mean that you are busy and this is something that both your friends and family should understand.

Create a list with the things you need to get done daily. You can use 15 minutes at the end of your work day to organize the next one, or you can set a time before getting to work for the day to organize yourself and see what needs to get done. This way, you will not feel yourself overwhelmed with all kinds of contradictory ideas about what you do, and you will have the tasks of the day clearly set in front of you.

Eliminate clutter. Your work space should not be a source of stress for you. Make sure that you have only the tools of your trade, so to speak, placed inside your work space and not anything else. Clutter can quickly become a constant source of disorganization and frustration. Keep your workspace organized and get to really enjoying your work.