I Hate Vacuuming

I must make a confession. I hate vacuuming. Of course, I like my house clean, but I find vacuuming such an unpleasant chore. Only thinking about hauling that super heavy vacuum cleaner from the closet to start doing the cleaning makes me want just to sit down and do something else entirely.


This is the type of procrastination problem that had plagued me for a long time before I decided it was the moment to do something about it. So I went straight to the Internet and began asking what other people do to clean their homes with minimum effort. I found the perfect solution: an electric broom.

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. After all, my knowledge on electric brooms was pretty outdated, and I thought that they are not that efficient when it comes to cleaning and that they are practically a waste of money. Needless to say, I was wrong.


Since I like spending a lot of time on the Internet, reading about products and comparing them, I quickly found several models that caught my eye. I was aiming for something more lightweight and with a small footprint since I didn’t want to overcrowd my already packed closet. I also wanted a tool that was easy to use, and after I had read a lot of information from what others users said, I settled for a model.


Even with all the raving reviews, I had read from other buyers I still had my doubts in regards to how efficient this electric broom was going to be. I got the package delivered to my door, and right away I decided to try it.


My home was not exactly in disarray, but it was not the cleanest either since several days had passed since my last vacuuming. So, armed with not so high hopes and a healthy dose of disbelief, I decided to give the electric broom a chance and see how it was going to perform right out of the box.

I started with the living room. It was not the least clean room, and I wanted to give the new electric broom I bought a fighting chance. In just a few minutes, I was done. I was staring at my clean carpet, and I could not believe that in just one pass, I managed to get it so clean. Right away, I moved to the bedroom, and the hallways and I did not hesitate to approach the heavy trafficked areas.