Two shows about cleaning your home

I don’t know how you feel about TV shows, but I have to admit that lately, they have been my secret guilty pleasure. How did this happen? Well, recently I’ve been in a decluttering mode and, since I was up for home cleaning suggestions, I’ve decided to give the specialized TV shows a try. Now that all the spring cleaning and all the decluttering has been dealt with, to be honest, I’m glad I did, and I am sure I will continue to tune in for more feasible advice. For me, the hook is the fact that they are both entertaining but also really practical as they provide sufficient doable tips and tricks.

So, today I want to share with you my thoughts on two helpful TV shows that have given me a lot of food for thought when it came to thinking about how the home cleaning and organizing processes should go.



The first TV show I want to talk to you about is called Clean House, and I was introduced to it by my friend Mary. From what I could gather, this is a pretty popular show so I am quite sure you must have heard of it at one point. If not, you should know that it centers around a team of home makeovers lead by Niecy Nash, the host, who help clean the homes of people that have problems with clinging on to just unnecessary stuff. What I particularly like about it is the fact that it struck a chord with me, as I too like to get attached to all kind of useless junk. Since watching it, decluttering has been easier to handle, and I managed to get rid of some stuff that was in my way but I couldn’t throw out because I felt that they meant something to me. This show, apart from home great home décor tricks, has taught me that stuff is just stuff and that you shouldn’t make your life about owning things.  


Secondly, if you love cleaning, you should not miss the next episode of Clean Sweep. I have to admit that, at first, I had my doubts about whether I would like it or not but, to be completely honest, it grew on me! Fun and funny, I feel like this show shows you just how easily you can do over a room with little effort and in so little time! Yes, it is true that when you get down to cleaning and reorganizing it is just you against the room and there’s no team of experts guiding you every step. However, I feel like you can really gain a lot of home know-how from watching it. Another aspect that I appreciate about it is the fact that it doesn’t give me that feeling I get when I watch over budgeted home cleaning TV shows and therefore, there’s something about it that makes me feel like it is genuine.


Well, that’s about it. These are my TV show recommendations for you. Be sure to check them out next time you feel like in need of motivation or inspiration before “cleaning season”!




Two Dishes I Make When I’m on the Run

While it may look like in this day and age, we are far less busy than our grandparents, and the truth is that there are days on end when I feel like I am constantly running out of time. When this happens, something’s got to give, and that means that I must make sacrifices. In the past, I used to sacrifice eating to make sure that I could arrive on time where I needed to be. Unfortunately, that meant that hunger pangs struck when least expected and I was simply forced to eat fast food and snacks.

It did not take long for such bad eating habits to start showing around my waist. As you can easily imagine, I was not one bit happy, and I knew I had to do something about it. So I decided that I had to learn how to cook. Of course, it was not my ambition to appear on the next Iron Chef show, and I just wanted to learn some basic skills, so I started looking up online for quick dishes that one could make when on the run.


In this post, I want to share with you two of my favorite dishes that get me out of the time pressing conundrum, without letting me leave home on an empty stomach. One of them contains a side dish that I love a lot, and that I usually eat when I am at a fast food place with my friends. I am talking, in case you haven’t already figured out, about French fries.


I prefer my French fries with as little fat as possible, so I am using a nonstick pan. I peel a few potatoes, I sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and oregano (because I simply like this spice, I don’t know about other people), and then I fry them in a pan with little oil. I grate a bit of cheese over them, and I have a full-size portion in less than 15 minutes.

When we are talking speed, nothing is better than toast. I have a two slice toaster that I use for my morning meals, but I have to confess that I use it for other meals throughout the day, too, because I only love the taste of toast. My favorite dish involving toast is a type of bruschetta.


As you may well know, bruschettas work best with tomato salad, so I make sure to have plenty in the refrigerator. I top the toast I make with plenty of cream cheese, and I add, besides slices of tomatoes, some mint pesto, because I found the taste invigorating for a dish served first thing in the morning.




I Hate Vacuuming

I must make a confession. I hate vacuuming. Of course, I like my house clean, but I find vacuuming such an unpleasant chore. Only thinking about hauling that super heavy vacuum cleaner from the closet to start doing the cleaning makes me want just to sit down and do something else entirely.


This is the type of procrastination problem that had plagued me for a long time before I decided it was the moment to do something about it. So I went straight to the Internet and began asking what other people do to clean their homes with minimum effort. I found the perfect solution: an electric broom.

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. After all, my knowledge on electric brooms was pretty outdated, and I thought that they are not that efficient when it comes to cleaning and that they are practically a waste of money. Needless to say, I was wrong.


Since I like spending a lot of time on the Internet, reading about products and comparing them, I quickly found several models that caught my eye. I was aiming for something more lightweight and with a small footprint since I didn’t want to overcrowd my already packed closet. I also wanted a tool that was easy to use, and after I had read a lot of information from what others users said, I settled for a model.


Even with all the raving reviews, I had read from other buyers I still had my doubts in regards to how efficient this electric broom was going to be. I got the package delivered to my door, and right away I decided to try it.


My home was not exactly in disarray, but it was not the cleanest either since several days had passed since my last vacuuming. So, armed with not so high hopes and a healthy dose of disbelief, I decided to give the electric broom a chance and see how it was going to perform right out of the box.

I started with the living room. It was not the least clean room, and I wanted to give the new electric broom I bought a fighting chance. In just a few minutes, I was done. I was staring at my clean carpet, and I could not believe that in just one pass, I managed to get it so clean. Right away, I moved to the bedroom, and the hallways and I did not hesitate to approach the heavy trafficked areas.



What I Eat in a Day

I think that I am a lucky person in this day and age where there is plenty of food to go around, and there are so many life conveniences that our ancestors didn’t have in the past. However, with this abundance come many temptations and also hazards for our health, since overeating and indulging in unhealthy foods can easily become part of our daily routine. I use the Internet for always searching for new healthy recipes, so I can keep myself in shape and enjoy my life.

Here are some of the things I eat in a day that help me with my goals of being healthy and in shape. First of all, I prefer having more, smaller meals throughout the day, instead of just eating a few, large meals. This helps with never going hungry and also it lends a helping hand to the metabolism, too. If you are passionate about healthy eating like I am, you know about this rule, but I thought about including it anyway.


Another thing I do to stay in sync with my desire to have healthy meals is that I combine carbs with protein for each meal. In the morning, I go for cereal (made from whole grains) and some milk, since this is easy to digest and the protein in the milk helps to release the energy from the cereals be released slowly so that I can enjoy more energy throughout the day. For lunch, I prefer a combination of fish or lean meat with boiled vegetables. I like that there is so much variety to choose from, and from time to time, I go for more exotic veggies and fruits, simply because they can be found in local stores and they provide a great source of fiber and antioxidants.


In the evenings, I go for lighter dinners because it is never a good idea to go to sleep on a full stomach. Besides the fact that you may get some terrible nightmares, you will also upset your digestive system, and that is something that can affect your entire health in the long run.


I make a personal goal from eating a bit of dairy every day, and my favorite is Greek yogurt. This tasty dairy is rich in protein but poorer in calories and fat, and it can be combined with fruits, for an even better taste. I also use yogurt while cooking, because I find that yogurt dressings are much healthier than other combinations.


All in all, I think I am doing an excellent job picking the right foods to eat, and I am always searching for new ideas that will help me stay healthy and lead a long happy life.



How to Stay Organized While Working at Home

Working at home definitely has its advantages. You have no one to order you around, you can spend the entire day in your pajamas, you can eat when you like, and you can arrange things how you like them. I bet all sounds great to you, but I can tell you from experience that working from home is not all that is pegged to be. You can get distracted easily, everyone in your family and even your friends tend to think that you are basically free to help them with various chores, and there are many other discomforts that need to be addressed. So, in this post, I will talk about the things you can do in order to keep organized.

First of all, set a clear schedule and hold on to it. Yes, I know that working at home means that you can set your own hours, but this does not mean that these hours should be hectic and different from one day to another. You will quickly feel tired and irritated and you will also find yourself falling behind schedule, and you may even end up not getting any work done. So, my first piece of advice is to set your work hours in such a manner that they are the same day after day. Also, do not focus only on work hours, but on how you organize the rest of the day, too. You will get much more work done and you will be happier and more rested, at the same time.

The next piece of advice is to let the others know about your schedule, too, and to ask them to respect. As long as you do not bother them by calling them at work and telling them to hang out with you, you deserve the same respect. Your work hours, even if spent at home, mean that you are busy and this is something that both your friends and family should understand.

Create a list with the things you need to get done daily. You can use 15 minutes at the end of your work day to organize the next one, or you can set a time before getting to work for the day to organize yourself and see what needs to get done. This way, you will not feel yourself overwhelmed with all kinds of contradictory ideas about what you do, and you will have the tasks of the day clearly set in front of you.

Eliminate clutter. Your work space should not be a source of stress for you. Make sure that you have only the tools of your trade, so to speak, placed inside your work space and not anything else. Clutter can quickly become a constant source of disorganization and frustration. Keep your workspace organized and get to really enjoying your work.