Hello everyone, I am so glad to see you stopping by my little corner on the Internet. My name is Augustus and I have just started a blog where I can freely express my thoughts on different things. What is my blog all about? That’s a legit question. But I can tell you right from the get go that it may not be so easy for me to say what my blog is about, for the simple reason that I enjoy many different things from so various areas that it would be difficult to summarize it all in just a few words.

So I will be honest with you and I will tell you that I am just the kind of guy who is interested in everything he can learn and find on the Internet. I consider myself extremely lucky of being able to live in a time with so many technological advances. I find Internet such a great thing because it basically allows you to learn so much about different people, about different things, about different places and about anything you can think of. Can you now imagine a world without the Internet? I certainly cannot, since I spend most of my waking hours online, getting connected with my friends, and making new ones, researching various stuff and enriching my mind with new information I doubt I could find elsewhere.

Now the next logical question from your part would be what would be your gain from spending time reading my blog. I definitely hope that you will find lots of interesting things to read about while you are browsing through my posts. Since I am so passionate about everything, I am quite a big fan of research. If a certain gadget or even an appliance is catching my eye, I tend to read a lot about it, to see how it works, what its advantages are and so on. In case you do not have the time to do the same thing as I do, or you simply find it boring, you can read my findings using just a few minutes of your time. I would be so happy knowing that I can help people this way.

There are many things I like, even if some may sound to you like they have nothing in common, such as technology and cooking. One thing is sure; I have no intention to bore you with unnecessary details and I want to use this blog as an opportunity to express my thoughts and opinions in a concise manner. That definitely helps with keeping things organized! I hope you will come back and back again to find out more what I have been up to, even if only to spend a few minutes reading about something new.